Everyone loves delicious food. It seems that the stuff that is the worst, unhealthy for you is the most tasty.

Year after year the cost of health care is going up. If you run into a serious medical issue you are going to spend a lot of money and time figuring it out and getting cured.

That should be a huge incentive for you to take care of your body. Not only that, but you only get one body. Once it starts messing up it can be hard to get it back on track.

Fast food is a huge problem. People are encouraged to cook at home which is great. However it does not really help if people cook foods in a very unhealthy way. It completely defeats the purpose

There are some food people cook to be unhealthy. Way too many people cook chicken in a very unhealthy way. Frying is a a very popular way to cook it.

We did some research and found some healthy ways to cook it in this video.

So as you can see its not terribly hard to make something taste good and have it be healthy at the same time. Not only that but you are lowering your heart disease odds.

Cooking things in an unhealthy weight can also lead to massive weight gain. There are a ton of other diseases and conditions that come from weight gain.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common. In the USA more and more people are suffering from this. This is mainly do due to fast food being so widely available.

Food can either be really good or really bad thing. For example, there are many cures and remedies doctors recommend even today.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cure yourself by just eating something natural instead of taking medicine?